How I Work

Sample Edit

It would be helpful to provide the first chapter of your manuscript and a sample from the middle, and in turn I’ll provide you with comments on what I liked as well as constructive feedback on ways to polish your story and characters.

Initial Consultation

After you’ve reviewed the sample edit and are considering collaborating with me on your manuscript, we can hold an initial phone or video-conference call to discuss my initial feedback. We can also discuss next steps.

My Editing Process

If you decide I’m the editor for you, I’ll first read your entire manuscript with a minimum of edits. My goal is to get a solid feel for the plot, characters, pacing, settings, and dialogue. I’ll make notes on these items and create a style sheet I can use to ensure your manuscript is consistent from start to finish.

Next, I’ll read your manuscript again, this time making edits and suggesting revisions as needed. These changes can include:

  • moving chapters and paragraphs around for better story flow.
  • noting inconsistent or non-sequential plot points.
  • polishing paragraphs for word choice and general flow.
  • ensuring the dialogue is tight and makes sense for each character.
  • ensuring the reader always knows who’s speaking or doing something.

For the more significant revisions—moving paragraphs or chapters—I’ll add a query to the manuscript first so we can discuss them.

The process becomes very collaborative at this point; it’s important for us to communicate consistently via email and virtually.

Finally, I’ll review the manuscript one more time to check for punctuation, grammar, spelling, and word usage errors. Microsoft Word isn’t 100% trustworthy when it comes to spell check.