Helping Indie authors of suspense thrillers, science fiction, and mysteries polish their manuscript

You’ve just completed your fiction manuscript, and now you hope to entertain and engage your readers so they’ll come back for more. To ensure your manuscript is ready for the next stage on the way to publication, you want to be sure your story maintains its pacing, the characters are well-rounded, the plot is tight, and your sentence mechanics are solid. Authors can use a second set of eyes to help with this effort.

As a lifelong and avid fiction fan, I enjoy helping indie authors achieve these goals in the suspense thriller, science fiction, and mystery genres. I take a collaborative approach working with you and provide constructive, tactful feedback.

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I found working with Roger to be a pleasure. Prompt, effective, and reasonably priced, he worked closely with me in getting “My Outcast State” ready for press.

I remain grateful to him for his diligent and customer-focused approach to the business.

– Edward F McKeown